La Trobe Careers presentations and Career Options panels

Are you looking to promote any current or future job opportunities to graduates?
In March 2021, La Trobe University is running a series of virtual 45- minute Careers Showcase employer sessions for employers to share their opportunities with students and recent graduates.

We’ve found what worked well from last year’s employer sessions is when you have employees share their experiences at your organisation as well as any tips presenters can share with students to enhance their employability.

The Careers Showcase employer presentations run from the following dates:

  • 10th – 11th March [Various times available for 45 minute employer presentation sessions – will be targeted to employer’s choice of student cohort]
  • 15th – 18th March [Various times available for 45 minute employer presentation sessions – will be targeted to employer’s choice of student cohort]

Similarly, we also have our highly regarded Career Options panel sessions throughout the year. Each panel is an interactive Q&A session facilitated by an MC. The panel is usually made up 4- 6 representatives – being either employers (government, private, SME), a professional association and an industry recruiter. Panels are to inform students on the variety of pathways and career options available to them within their discipline/sector and to hear from industry representatives who share their own career journey, insights, and opportunities.

Please register for the Showcase sessions, Career Options and other opportunities here:




Are you keen on being a mentor to a La Trobe University student? Registrations are now open for their Career Ready Industry Mentoring Program.
Each mentoring round is 12 weeks (the Connection Plan suggests 3-4 meetings over the program, with email and/or phone in between. Meetings may be face-to face or they may be over video conferencing.)
Our next round runs from late March 2021 and then another Round 2 in July 2021. The mentoring platform has connection plan resources to allow mentees to build goals in collaboration with their mentor.

Why Mentor?

  • Contribute to students’ university experience
  • Stay connected to La Trobe University
  • Expand network of emerging professionals
  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • Reflect on your own professional practice and direction
  • Exposed to new ideas and perspectives


TRAINING AND NETWORKING SESSIONS – Virtual mentor training and networking sessions will run in March. Once you complete a profile, we will email to see if you may be interested in attending one. These are not compulsory to attend.


Recent Mentor Feedback

The mentoring program is a great way of keeping current. It is exciting dealing with young recruits, that exhibit high energy and enthusiasm. It is a real opportunity to give back, whilst simultaneously learning from your mentee. A very rewarding experience – Tony, Mentor 2019