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Northern Horizons 2020

Northern Horizons is a comprehensive regional analysis of all aspects of infrastructure covering Melbourne’s seven northern municipalities and looking outwards over the next 50 years.

It outlines the urgent need for investment in infrastructure and jobs in Melbourne’s north to drive infrastructure and jobs post COVID-19.

Based on current and future population projections, transport flows and land use planning, the report clearly identifies the region’s need for enhanced infrastructure and improved access, particularly in relation to road infrastructure, social infrastructure (health/aged care facilities), and industrial zoned land. It report prioritises recommendations over the short, medium and longer term.

The commitment and support of all seven municipalities for this project, as well as industry, health and education stakeholders in the NORTH Link network has led to regular updates of the Northern Horizons report.

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Investment prospectus

The Regional Investment Attraction Strategy is a regional marketing, promotion and investment attraction strategy for Melbourne’s north that documents key facts about the region, its superior connectivity attributes, precincts and priority industry sectors that are attractive to investors: agritech and food tech, digital and professional services, food fibre and beverage, freight and logistics, health and wellbeing, advanced manufacturing and the visitor economy.

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Food and Beverage Growth Plan

The Food and Beverage Growth Plan is a detailed analysis of the food and beverage sector in Melbourne’s north, covering seven local municipalities. It identified that there is a wealth of opportunities in facilitating growth and business capability in this industry.

The plan formed the evidence base that led to the creation of the Melbourne’s North Food Group. It was developed in cooperation with NORTH Link, the Australian Government Department of Employment, the Victorian Government Department of State Development, Business and Innovation (Bundoora office), La Trobe University and RMIT University.

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An analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the economy of Melbourne’s Northern Region

In this report the 2019 four-quarter average is compared to the period since the pandemic began to have its impact (that is mostly in Q2 2020) for Gross Regional Product, Employment by industry and place of residence, sales and value added. Because the region is diverse the impact of each of the indicators described in the tables in this report differs across each local government area, depending on its economic structure.


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The Future Workforce: Melbourne’s north

The Future Workforce: Melbourne’s north is a comprehensive analysis of workforce and skills across Melbourne’s northern municipalities to the year 2025.

This document, the first of its kind for an Australian region, was developed in collaboration with industry, education and local government as a blueprint to match education and training to future industry employment and skills needs.

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