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Northern Horizons 2020

Northern Horizons is a comprehensive regional analysis of all aspects of infrastructure covering Melbourne’s seven northern municipalities and looking outwards over the next 50 years.

It outlines the urgent need for investment in infrastructure and jobs in Melbourne’s north to drive infrastructure and jobs post COVID-19.

Based on current and future population projections, transport flows and land use planning, the report clearly identifies the region’s need for enhanced infrastructure and improved access, particularly in relation to road infrastructure, social infrastructure (health/aged care facilities), and industrial zoned land. It report prioritises recommendations over the short, medium and longer term.

The commitment and support of all seven municipalities for this project, as well as industry, health and education stakeholders in the NORTH Link network has led to regular updates of the Northern Horizons report.

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Our close partnerships with industry, government, education and health are valuable in receiving timely information on financial support, handling employees and trade updates.

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