Assistive Technology Cluster

NORTH Link’s Assistive Technology Cluster Project is bringing manufacturers and health providers together across Melbourne’s north with the common goal of enabling them to best work together to produce and modify assistive products and technologies.

Outputs generated from this project will include a collection of education resources that will enable manufacturers to understand how the health provider system works and guide health providers in how to work with manufacturers. The goal is to promote an understanding of the full cycle needs of the health profession and assistive technology (AT) users through product design, certification, procurement and leading to the growth of Australia’s sovereign capability to successfully manufacture and modify these products.

The created learning materials will also educate health providers, advanced manufacturers, assistive technology users and funding bodies on how to work with each other and develop strong working relationships to solve assistive technology challenges in Victoria.  A series of information gathering co-design workshops have been held with participants from health, research and education, disability advocates, designers and manufacturers.

The critical input and expertise captured from these attendees is currently being developed into materials and resources to provide training across the sectors to build beneficial outcomes for care givers, health professionals, people requiring assistive products and manufacturers.

If you or your business would like to participate in free pilot training please contact Ilona Ryan at for further information.