Business Community Mental Well-being Program

Helping you to navigate mental health in day-to-day life and work.

NORTH Link’s Business Community Mental Well-being Program offers a mental health first aid training that covers:

  • An overview of mental health, and MHFA
  • Common myths and misunderstandings about mental health issues
  • The common signs and symptoms of a mental health issue
  • How to approach someone about their mental health
  • How to assess the severity of the situation
  • What to do in a mental health crisis situation
  • Practical skills to intervene in real-world mental health situations
  • How to encourage someone to get professional help
  • A range of options and places to access professional help

This two-day course will be offered face-to-face on the below dates.

Option 1: Monday, 21 & 28 August – Registrations closed

Option 2: Monday, 11 & 18 September – Registrations closed

Each year, more than 3,000 individuals in Australia succumb to suicide. The effects extend widely and may impact our families, friends, and cherished ones.

As part of our Mental Health Well-being Program supported by the Victorian Government, we took part in Lifeline’s Out of the Shadow Walk 2023 on World Suicide Prevention Day -Sunday 10 September.

9 members of the NORTH Link team came together to honour the memories of those lost to suicide and raised an incredible $5,642 to provide crisis support and suicide prevention services to save lives. 

We commenced our 9km walk at 10am in Bundoora and walked along the beautiful Darebin Creek Trail, which took around 2 hours to complete, finishing at Alphington for a well-earned lunch!

A huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored our walk so far!

Mental Health Events Calendar

Additional Resources

 For well-being prompts and tips, use these:

Caring for our wellbeing is so important, but when our working day is busy, we don’t always make time for it.

Here is a prompt to take some time out of your day to check in on yourself.  Spend a few minutes asking yourself these 4 questions to reflect on your working day and give yourself a little confidence boost.  Encourage your colleagues to do the same!

Remember to look after yourself and take some time to rest and recover after the working week.

Here are some reminders of simple but effective ways to do just that!

Looking after your physical health is integral to your mental well-being.  Have a look at this simple diagram for easy ways to do it.   

Take the breaks you deserve! Ensure a good night’s sleep! Eat yummy fresh food!  Get in your steps!   

For an exercise challenge, feel free to join NORTH Link on Sunday, 10 September for Lifelines 9km Out of the Shadows walk.

Today is R U OK? Day

It’s a reminder to check in on your colleagues and friends. Not just today, but on any day.

You don’t need to be an expert, just someone who can listen. It may seem like a hard conversation, but here are some simple tips on how to go about it.

Some days are harder than others and life can feel a bit hectic. Maybe the changes in weather or school holiday demands can get you in a bit of a funk. At times like these, it’s good to acknowledge these feelings and remind yourself of the positives.

Try these simple ways to reframe your emotions.

Want to kickstart your working week on the right foot? Be sure to give yourself plenty of opportunities for engagement at work.

Give some thought to these questions to help guide you.

For Urgent 24 Hours assistance

If you would like more information, contact Rebecca Hudson at or 0424 104 219.