Professor Kerri-Lee Krause, Acting Vice-Chancellor and President is pleased to announce La Trobe University’s graduates have ranked second among Victorian universities and eighth nationally for overall satisfaction in the latest Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS), with a rating of 86.6 per cent. This is 2.6 per cent above the university national average.

These results can be directly linked to La Trobe University’s focused efforts to empower their students to develop the skills and capabilities that employers are looking for, through unique initiatives such as their Career Ready program. Now more than ever it is crucial their students can adapt and thrive in an increasingly complex and shifting work environment.

La Trobe ranked first in Victoria and fifth nationally on foundation skills – skills such as general literacy and numeracy – which is two per cent above the national average. The University also ranked second in Victoria and fifth nationally for adaptive skills where 92.4 per cent of participating employers felt La Trobe students displayed the ability to adapt and apply skills and work independently.

These results reflect our ongoing work and priority focus to prepare our students for the world of work. La Trobe University students are standing out in the workplace for their adaptability and other critical skills.

Professor Krause would like to congratulate all staff who are working to provide high-quality student experience and encourage staff to continue to work towards this outcome.

For more information on the results of the 2017 ESS, visit the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching website.