NORTH Link Jobs Victoria employment service

The NORTH Link Jobs Victoria employment service provides tailored services to support and connect jobseekers and employers. The focus of the program, which is funded by the Victorian Government, is aligning the types of skills and experience that employers are looking for with the interests and aspirations of jobseekers.

NORTH Link Job Vacancies Bulletin

When running a business, one of the challenges is finding the right employees – people who will make positive contributions to growth and success. Through this free service, local businesses gain access to a source of quality candidates, and jobseekers are assisted to find meaningful, ongoing employment. This has great benefit for individuals, the communities and the regional economy.

Assistance is only provided to jobseekers who are: 

  • Australian citizens, permanent residents or those on refugee or asylum seeker visas
  • currently unemployed or working less than 12 hours a week, and in danger of long-term unemployment (defined as six months or longer).

NORTH Link staff are available to:

  • work with employers to select suitable candidates
  • help reduce risk when hiring new staff
  • assist with administration and compliance
  • provide information on employment subsidies available
  • offer follow-up support, as needed.

NORTH Link will provide this assistance to companies that:

  • hold an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • are willing to give a ‘fair go’ to suitable applicants who are experiencing difficulty finding a job.

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For more information:

T: 03 9479 5695