Melbourne’s North is growing rapidly with enormous investment potential but requires increased infrastructure spending by State and Federal Governments, according to a new report.

The Melbourne’s North Regional Investment Strategy and Prospectus was developed by the economics team of consultancy Arup in conjunction with key NORTH Link stakeholders.

The report found a number of economic and lifestyle advantages. High level export, rapid population growth and strong skills and education institutes were listed among the many advantages in the region.

The report found that historically, infrastructure in Melbourne’s North has been under invested compared to the rest of Melbourne. Despite this, the report identifies several projects that require commitment from State and Federal Government to ensure that faster-than-expected population and industry growth is catered for.

Media release – Investment NORTH Link and Arup

Investment in Melbourne’s North – Investment Prospectus 2018

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Invest in Melbourne's North investment prospectus complete edition

Investment Attraction Strategy – Final Report 2018

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Investment Attraction Strategy Final Report 2018