Melbourne’s Manufacturing Jobs and Training

The Engage Community + Industry priority workforce project is delivered by NORTH Link and supported by the Victorian Government through Jobs Victoria. The project will create 80 job placements in the retail, logistics, hospitality, and services sectors. [replace]

Jobs on offer will be permanent full-time and part-time with a minimum requirement of *19-hours per week. All jobs are ongoing with support and mentoring provided during and after the program to give participants every chance of success. [replace this sentence]

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Jobseeker eligibility

The project is open to Victorian jobseekers (18 years and over) entitled to work as Australian citizens, permanent residents, temporary residents, and refugee and humanitarian visa holders from the following cohorts:

  • women aged 45 years and over

  • young people aged 18 to 25

  • aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

  • people with a disability 

  • long-term unemployed people/at risk of long-term unemployment

  • people seeking asylum and refugees

  • newly arrived migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds

  • veterans

  • culturally and Linguistically Diverse people (experiencing barriers to employment)

  • single parents 

  • those recently exited the justice system.

Jobseekers must be seeking to work a minimum of:

  • 10-hours more per week than what they are currently working (capped at 38-hours per week)
  • 19-hours per week unless the person has a disability or provides constant care, in which case the job may be for *8-hours per week.

Jobseekers must be entitled to work as:

  • Australian citizens
  • Australian permanent residents
  • Australian temporary residents
  • refugee and humanitarian visa holders with work entitlements.

Looking for staff?

The Priority Workforce Projects work with employers who are:

  • committed to providing opportunities to people who need extra support to find work
  • passionate about growing the workforce in their sector

  • able to offer secure and inclusive roles of at least 12 months to candidates from priority groups.

If this sounds like you, we can connect you to a pipeline of pre-screened local candidates who have undertaken industry training or are currently enrolled in a relevant qualification. They will also have a dedicated mentor to support them, and you, in the role.

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