Northern Business Achievement Awards Grand Finale login guide

Logging in to Hopin

The Northern Business Achievement Awards 2020 Grand Finale is being hosted on a new platform with additional functionality. This page will serve as a guide to help you understand what each part of the website is for and what it does.


If you are running late and having issues, you can watch the main breakfast event at


To get to the website, you will need to go to This is best done through Google Chrome. You will arrive on the page below. You will need to login via the top righthand side of your screen. After that, you can click to enter the event.

Once you are logged in and have entered the event, you will be brought to the page below. On the left hand side of your screen is the main menu. If you are only interested in attending the main event, all you will need to click is the ‘stage’, outlined in red. You can do this from any other page within the event.

Joining the networking room

If you are interested in the networking functions, you will need to click the ‘sessions’ item outlined in blue. Doing so will bring you to the below screen. Click on the available networking session shown below.

When you’re in the networking room, you will initially join as a spectator. To join as a participant, you will need to click the ‘join with audio’ button where the green arrow is in the screenshot below.

 If you are having trouble connecting your audio or video, you will need to try refreshing your window.

Note: There is a limit on the number of active speakers the system will allow at one time. If this maximum is reached, feel free to type a message to be a part of the conversation, or wait for someone to leave.