Transformational projects set to create roughly 50,000 new jobs are at the heart of NORTH Link’s pre-election advocacy campaign Go North: Opportunity Awaits. Key targets include the health and transport sectors and future-proofing growing communities across Melbourne’s north.

As Melbourne’s north rebounds from the economic impact of COVID-19, the post-pandemic message is clear – there is a need to boost the region’s economic and employment resilience.

NORTH Link is engaging with ministers, shadow ministers, members of parliament and candidates to raise awareness of the issues important to our region and with the potential to drive priority job-creating projects including the:

  • La Trobe National Employment and Innovation Cluster (NEIC) – The NEIC activates innovative health and research facilities such as the Australian Food Innovation Centre (AFIC) which will develop as a key food/research collaboration between La Trobe University and the CSIRO. The NEIC develops new precincts through coordinated place-based planning, design and an investment attraction process to promote sustainable growth.
  • Beveridge Intermodal Freight Terminal – a 1,000-hectare proposal strategically located on the national rail line to maximise Australia’s freight network productivity.
  • Melbourne (Epping) Market Redevelopment – to cement the standing of Melbourne’s north as the food and beverage manufacturing capital of Australia. This will incorporate the the planned Melbourne Food Innovation and Export Hub (MFIX).
  • Broadmeadows Revitalisation – to modernise, integrate and connect Broadmeadows Railway Station to retail centres, activating economic opportunities, including private sector investment and kickstarting the much-needed Kangan Institute redevelopment.
  • Other projects are as listed below.

NORTH Link’s Future Workforce Report shows that, while the population of Melbourne’s north will continue to grow, the region will still have fewer jobs than workers living in it. For the gap between local jobs and resident workers to be closed, another 182,000 local jobs would be required by 2031.

The report demonstrates that the COVID-19 economic impact was more severe in Melbourne’s north than other parts of Melbourne.

The message is clear – there is a need to boost the region’s economic and employment resilience.

A long-term focus is required coupled with investment that supports the people and the potential of Melbourne’s north to create boundless possibilities.

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Other priorities include:

  • Inner North Innovation and Design
    • Brunswick Design District/ Coburg Central (designate Coburg Central a business precinct)
    • Melbourne Innovation Centre Alphington – $15m proposal
  • Health
    • New Hospital for Outer North – commit to planning and design
    • Northern Hospital upgrades
    • DPV Health Hub (Epping)
  • Transport projects
    • Fast bus between Austin Health/ La Trobe Uni/ Airport/Austin Health – and rapid transport within the La Trobe NEIC
    • Wollert Rail (unlocks Epping precinct)
    • Upfield Line duplication, Upfield/Somerton Link (unlocks Coburg precinct)
    • Melbourne Metro 2 (Clifton Hill Exchange)
    • Active Transport
    • More frequent buses

A full list of projects and priorities can be found in The Future Workforce – Melbourne’s North and the North & West Melbourne City Deal proposal.