The Digital Jobs program

The Digital Jobs program is a $64 million investment from the Victorian Government to improve the digital capabilities of people and businesses. The program aims to meet evolving workforce needs by training people in high-demand digital skills.

Over the next four years, up to 5000 mid-career Victorians will be supported to retrain and reimagine their careers. Eligible Victorian businesses will improve the digital capabilities of their organisations by hosting the candidates.

How does the program work?

First, candidates receive 12 weeks of training in a digital skillset from an industry-led course provider. The education partners include Bendigo TAFE, Kangan Institute, La Trobe University, RMIT University, The University of Melbourne, Victoria University Polytechnic and more.

After each candidate is trained, they undergo a 12-week (or part-time equivalent) internship at a host company. Businesses that host the newly trained candidates will receive a wage subsidy per intern.

Who are the candidates?

The candidates have been selected through a competitive recruitment process. They are talented, motivated Victorians aged over 30 with around 10 years of experience in varying backgrounds. Their existing professional experience means they have valuable transferable skills.

What kind of digital skills do the candidates possess?

Candidates are trained in a specific skillset. The range of digital skills include:

  • data analytics
  • programming/software development
  • cyber security
  • cloud computing
  • AI/machine learning
  • User Experience/User Interface
  • product management
  • web development
  • digital marketing, operations, support
  • project (agile) management.


What’s in it for the businesses?

Businesses involved in the program will gain high-quality workers and receive a wage subsidy of $5000 per candidate. A matching process facilitated by Hudson will ensure businesses get the right candidates for their needs. The first internship round will take place in early October 2021.

Learn more and register

To learn more about hosting an intern, please contact

To register as a host, go to

Business applications close in the final week of September 2021. However, to ensure your participation, it is recommended to apply early.